by auditioning CBB contributor Kristin

Update: Please open the comments and read the ones by CBB reader Rachel, a Scientologist who tells us about her birth experience and corrects some information!

Not only do the tenets of Scientology dictate that followers such as Katie Holmes go through the birthing process in silence (without her friends and family present), but it has been said that she is not even allowed to hold her newborn for the first 24 hours of its life.

"Scientology’s strict rules dictate that mothers shouldn’t coddle their kids or even treat them with conventional medicine when they’re sick. "It’s a lot for an expectant mother to be worrying about," says a friend of Katie.

Star magazine talks about how children of Scientologist parents are raised; "The tyke will be minded by a Scientologist nanny, and contact with non-Scientologist family members will be limited. This could be heart-breaking for Katie’s Catholic parents, Martin and Kathleen. If they express skepticism about their daughter’s new religion, they may be cut off from the child via formal "disconnection."

Source: Star Magazine