We know Katie Holmes loves to shop for herself. Yesterday she shopped for baby Suri at Bonpoint in Beverly Hills, CA. She seems to have an internal happiness, perhaps knowing that by that evening, the world would know that not only did her baby exist but that how gorgeous she was.

The French baby and children’s boutique features their own line of traditonal European clothingwith their own unique, modern flair. The outfit to the left is a classic example of their style. Bonpoint is a huge hit with well-heeled momslike Angelina Jolie (who bought lots of clothing at their Paris store), Britney Spears (who received their stacking bins as a gift at her shower), Gwen Stefani (who has been seen out and about with their handmade white blanket), and Elisabeth Hasselbeck (who bought dresses, bibs, and more at their NYC store).

Bonpoint has five stores in the USA: two in Manhattan, one in Boston, one in Palm Beach, and one in Beverly Hills.

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