March 29, 2006 09:49 AM

by auditioning CBB contributor Kristin

The Sun Online is reporting that a source close to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has said, "Tom gave Katie an iPod loaded with 300 of her favorite songs. He wants her to listen to calming music — but to use earphones so there’s no noise in the delivery room." They are also reporting that those signs delivered to the mansion are for the delivery room as well. They are for Katie to look at so she can remember to be silent.

Sarah’s note: We now know from further reading that the people around the birthing mother are expected to be as quiet (even silent) as possible- not necessarily the mother. Mom can do what she needs to get the baby out – even screaming if she has to, although staying calm is encouraged.

Source: Sun Online

What songs do you recommend Katie listen to while giving birth?

Danielle says: I had Jay-Z on my iPod birth mix and the nurses in the room were sort of surprised but enjoyed it!  (We were able to bring in portable speakers that plugged into an outlet.) 

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