In honor of Britain's Mother's Day, which was Sunday, March 2nd, glamour model and author Katie ‘Jordan' Price Andre, 29, and her son Harvey Daniel, 5 ½, posed for a photoshoot with OK! UK. In addition, Katie did an interview discussing Harvey's septo-optic dysplasia and multiple pituitary hormone deficiency, which causes him to have a hormone imbalance, be on theautistic spectrum, and also sight impaired. Along with raising Harvey, Katie and husband Peter André are also parents to Junior Savva, 2 ½, and Princess Tiáamii, 8 months.

Click below for interview highlights.

How Harvey is doing right now:

On his tantrums:

On what triggers the tantrums:

On his check-ups:

On the biggest concern:

On his weight:

On what Harvey eats:

On the types of exercise he gets:

On what makes Harvey happy:

On what makes him upset:

On Harvey's schooling:

On what he's like with other children and adults:

How Harvey is with Junior and Princess:

On what Katie enjoys about being a mother:

Source: OK! Magazine, Issue 612, March 4th, p. 42-61.

Thanks to CBB reader Carlie.