Katie Lowes launches a new podcast, Katie's Crib, with Shonda Rhimes' company Shondaland


Her Scandal character, Quinn Perkins, will soon be exiting Shondaland in the upcoming series finale, but Katie Lowes is remaining as she launches a new podcast with Shonda Rhimes‘ company.

“That’s right! I get to stay in Shondaland for Katie’s Crib which is the best!” the actress, 36, tells PEOPLE about her latest post-Scandal project and the first-ever Shondaland-produced podcast that will cover topics related to all things motherhood and parenting.

“This whole thing of motherhood is insane. It’s a rollercoaster, which I love because the Shondaland logo is a rollercoaster. That’s basically how I feel every day,” she jokes. (Fun fact: Scandal and Shondaland’s executive producer Betsy Beers had a hand in naming the podcast.)

“Shondaland approached me about it actually. They came to me and thought, ‘I feel like you’re going through this huge thing called motherhood and there are probably a lot of people that would benefit going through this stuff with you.’ It’s been amazing,” Lowes says about the weekly podcast that will feature fellow moms Kristen Bell, Casey Wilson, Jennifer Finnigan, Angelique Cabral and June Diane Raphael.

Lowes and husband Adam Shapiro welcomed their first child, son Albee, in October 2017.

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Katie Lowes

“Each episode is about different topics that I’ve been going through in motherhood. Doulas, PPD, breastfeeding, sleep training, the village it takes to raise a baby, C-sections, intimacy post-baby, etc. There are endless topics that I really feel like need to be discussed,” Lowes explains.

“When I was pregnant, I was a big fan of pregnancy podcasts and found inspiration there for Katie’s Crib. What’s so fun about it is that a Shondaland producer actually comes to my house and we shoot it in my crib, hence the title,” she shares. “We shoot it in Albee’s playroom and he’s usually napping in the room next door. So on my podcast, it’s real: You’re gonna hear dogs barking, the lawn being mowed, my baby crying, you’re gonna hear the whole kid and kaboodle of how my life runs.”

Adding, “My son doesn’t care about a schedule so even though I’m pretty sure he’s going to be napping during that time, it’s not a definite. It makes it very interesting and it makes it very real.”

In addition to her celebrity pals, Lowes also invites experts in various fields to provide professional advice and consultation.

“The topics get pretty raw and vulnerable, not only from my own experiences but I’m lucky that I’m living in L.A. and befriended a lot of experts in different fields. Each episode has a topic and I usually have a few girlfriends on that talk about their experiences. We have an expert that can help us with topics like lactation or speaking with therapists or an OB,” she says.

Shapiro adds that his wife’s podcast is very similar to the daily conversations she has with her inner circle.

“Katie has such a close-knit group of moms that she talks to all the time. And I always hear the Katie side of that conversation so I always thought she should do a podcast because she basically does one every day on the phone with her girlfriends,” says the father of one, who also made cameos on Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy.

“It’s an incredible group of friends who happen to have babies at the same time. It’s amazing when I talk to moms that don’t have a circle like that, how much information they don’t have to receive because they’re not constantly in contact with other moms and other ideas. So that kind of world that Katie has created for herself she gets to share it through this podcast and everybody gets to be her mom friend,” he says.

Overall, Lowes seeks to inspire and empower mothers and parents with Katie’s Crib.

“I hope that people who listen really connect with a day in my life looking similar to a day in their life. We are not a podcast that’s a how-to guide,” she emphasizes. “We’re not telling people exactly what to do but I’m hoping that each episode provides moms and partners with any sort of insight or thing that could help them.”

Katie’s Crib is available on iTunes.