"After having a real baby, I was sitting on a doughnut for a month," Katie Lowes says of the realities of pregnancy she didn't know before having son Albee

Katie Lowes‘ experiences as a new mom have been priceless — but she admits they would’ve really come in handy a couple weeks earlier.

The Scandal star stopped by Live with Kelly and Ryan on Tuesday, dishing about how she filmed the show’s most recent episode two weeks before the birth of her son Albee, whose arrival she announced in October.

“[In] that episode, I was chained to a wall,” says Lowes. “I had a little bit of bruising around my ankle and [my OB] was like, ‘Oh, that’s normal.”

Adds the new mom, 36, “I was like, ‘No, that’s from a handcuff that’s been on my ankle and I just pulled too hard and really acted the heck out of the scene, but yeah, a normal day at work.’ ”

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Looking back, Lowes has a few regrets. Her character Quinn gives birth in the episode — and as the star admits, she’s “embarrassed” that she didn’t quite do the postnatal period justice.

“I’m walking around [and] I seem like I haven’t gone through this whole thing,” she describes. “After having a real baby, I was sitting on a doughnut for a month.”

“I was not a good actor,” says Lowes. “I did not do my homework — apologies to you guys for not really doing my research, but childbirth … the recovery is insane.”

Lowes says childbirth was a “hard” process — “I had a mantra: ‘This is only temporary.’ That’s what I would say over and over again” — but she was grateful to have husband Adam Shapiro by her side.

“My husband was right there, but he stayed up top, he stayed up high,” she explains. “It was a rule — it was above the shoulder. You stay above the down-below region.”

“He did look, but we don’t talk about that,” she jokes. “I’m pretty sure he looked, and we’re not going to talk about that. And even Adam, when you watch this today, we’re still not going to talk about that.”

Katie Lowes visits Live with Kelly and Ryan

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But although Shapiro was the supportive husband and dad, there was one moment during her labor that Lowes nearly lost it.

“A nurse looked at [Adam] and was like, ‘You have a little bit of red in your eye,’ and all of a sudden all the nurses were searching for Visine,” she says. “All the nurses were gone — everyone was concerned about his eye.”

“Everyone was searching for Visine and I’m like, ‘What the hell is going on? People! I’m birthing a child here.’ But his red eye, you know.”