Katie Holmes says she'll be supportive of whatever career Suri chooses


Katie Holmes has said previously that daughter Suri, turning 21-months on Friday, is a great mimic. But words and facial expressions aren’t the only thing the toddler likes to copy; In a Monday night appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, Katie revealed that Suri often mimics the sleep cycle of her parents, going to bed at around 11 p.m. and waking around 9 a.m. Said Katie,

She goes to sleep pretty late because we go to sleep late.

Katie also said that she likes to sneak in some face time with Suri if the baby’s been sleeping too long to "stare and kind of kiss her and see if maybe she’ll wake up." As for what she’d like Suri to be someday, Katie says that she and husband Tom Cruise are supportive of whatever profession their daughter ultimately chooses, even if it is in the entertainment industry.

I’m excited. She’s so smart. She’s already talking a lot and you can see she’s already a wonderful artist. And whatever she wants to do — if she wants to, great. If she doesn’t, okay.

Source: OK!

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