Katie Holmes says Connor, Isabella Cruise call her 'Mom,' says Suri is 'very aware'

In a new interview with Parade magazine to promote her film Mad Money, Katie Holmes, 29, talks about Christmas in Telluride, jet-setting with a toddler and her exciting new "big life" with husband Tom Cruise, 45. Reflecting on last Christmas, her first with daughter Suri — now 20-months — Katie says,

It was so spectacular to share the holidays with her. It really meant the world to me. To be able to create a tradition for your children is one of the best gifts you can have.

The family travels often due to their busy work schedules, and Suri has visited numerous nations in her short lifetime. All the excitement is not lost on Katie, who acknowledges that she’s done things "that I couldn’t imagine doing when I was younger."

With everything that’s happened, I still feel the same. I’m really happy being a mom, being a wife. I understand the curiosity. It’s a reality for me, another dimension of awareness. I appreciate the man that I’m with and my family and my work. I feel very lucky to be able to say that. I mean, what we do in a week is extraordinary. 

I always wanted to see the world. It is a big life, and it’s exciting. I learn from my husband, and I learn things about myself. I learn about things from my daughter. She teaches me a lot. Every day I do count my blessings.

Leaving Suri behind with a family member or nanny while the couple shoot their films abroad isn’t an option, Katie says.

We don’t like to be away from her. She’s very aware. We take her to the park in each city and walk around. This summer, when Tom was working in Germany, she’d wake up and say, ‘Hello, Berlin.’

When asked by Parade whether Tom was supportive of the bond Katie formed with her Mad Money co-stars Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah, Katie said that her husband "understands the female bond, and he loves it."

My husband has three sisters. He was raised by a single mother and has two daughters — and he’s a great father and husband. His first two children [Connor and Isabella] are incredible, really smart and kind. They call me ‘Mom.’

Connor, who turns 13 next month, and Isabella, turning 15 on Saturday, are Tom’s children with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

Source: Parade

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