Katie and Peter André take a holiday to Cyprus with the children

UK stars Katie "Jordan" Price André, 29, and her husband Peter André, 35, sat down with their children, Harvey Daniel, 5 ½, Junior Savva, 2 ½, and Princess Tiáamii, 9 months, for a chat with OK! magazine last week at their Cyprus holiday hideaway. Together they spoke all about those marriage split rumors, Princess Tiáamii’s asthma, Harvey’s recent improvements, Junior’s terrible twos, and more.

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On those marriage split rumors:

K: Oh, we hate each other!

P: I love her so much. Why do they pick on us aboutsplitting? What makes people think that about us? They don’t always goon about David and Victoria Beckham splitting up. Youhear you’re breaking up so many times you start thinking are webreaking up? There’s a quote that says: ‘People can be so convincingthey can make you believe you stole your own car!’ We’re like any othernormal couple, we argue, but every night I want Katie next to me.

K: As long as he’s in the house I’m content and happy.

P: There were a couple of weeks when you went out and forgot about me, though.

K: Let’s get this in black and white. I only want to let my hair down once in a while. I don’t drink at home.


On bad habits:

P: Katie [leaves] knickers on the floor!

K: Excuse me — who cleans up and makes the bed inthe morning?! He leaves pee on the toilet seat and doesn’t put thetoothpaste lid on.

P: One time I left pee on the toilet — and it wasbecause I didn’t want to wake up Princess so I peed in the dark.Anyway, you pick your nose! And she’s not a hugger. She can be so coldsometimes, she doesn’t want to cook, she doesn’t want to clean.

K: Pete’s breath stinks and he picks at his arms.


On the hurtful things that the newspapers sometimes write about them:

K: The thing that annoys me most is when they say stuff about the kids because I know we’re not bad parents.

P: We love our children more than anything. We love them more than our own lives.


On what sort of baby Princess is:

K:She’s a mummy’s girl. She knows what she wants and she doesn’t like itwhen I tell her she can’t touch things. Pete winds her up with hisbeard when he goes to kiss her neck. She pulls away just like me! Sheloves us both, though.

P: She’s such a gorgeous girl. She’s still notgoing through the night, which is a pain. She’s beginning to speak –she’s really trying to call out.

On who she is more like:

K:She looks nothing like me, but I can see Pete in her. She’s got hisGreek nose and mouth, but not the colouring — she’s like the ancientGreeks with blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s so cute though, she lookslike a potato with these big eyes stuck on — like Betty Boop!

P: She’s more like Kate in that she won’t let mekiss or cuddle her. But she’s like me in that she’s always smiling.Actually, I’m going to say that she’s got Kate’s personality — she’smoody and doesn’t like to be kissed or cuddled. She’s happy when shesees Dad but she’s obsessed with Mum. I’d say Princess is mummified andJunior is daddified.

On the reports that Princess has asthma:

P:No [that’s not true], but there are times when we have to put her on aninhaler. Apparently some babies have junior asthma that they grow outof so hopefully it’s that. It’s when she gets ill that she has to go onthe inhaler.

On Pete’s nicknames for Princess:

P: Wecall Princess so many things — Princess, Baby Sister, Bister,sometimes I call her Bistol Belly Blue Drops. I like playing withnames. I also sometimes call her Tiáamii, but I think that’s more aname she might want to use when she goes to school.

On Junior going through the terrible twos:

P:He went through a badly behaved stage, then he got better, and now he’sgone back. If I raise my voice and he cries then I feel really bad.Lately he’s been a bit moody again. He’s a good boy but he likes topush the boundaries.

K: I think he listens to me more. I’m reallypatient with Harvey because you have to be, but if Junior’s messingabout I’m very firm with him. He gives Pete the puppy dog eyes and hemelts, but he knows he can’t get away with that with me.

On how Harvey is doing at the minute:

K: He’slost five pounds recently. He’s back at school and has been swimming,he loves school. He’s going to see a psychologist and they will visithim once a week and assess his behavior because when he’s older he willbe massive and I don’t want him locked up because of his behavior.We’ve got to try and control it now.

P: Over here he’s been the best behaved of allthree kids — he loves the sun. He’s doing a lot better, but he goesthrough stages.

[He’s] getting really good with the other kids now.They’ve really started bonding and the other night there was somethingthat just blew me away completely — he asked for Junior to come andlie in bed with him! He’s never done that, so Junior laid in bed withhim, Harvey fell asleep and Junior was watching Barney, andthen Harvey woke up and said ‘Baby Sister’ and he wanted her as well!Six months ago that never would have happened; Harvey would have hitJunior. Something seems to be changing in him.

K: He has calmed down and doesn’t hit as much, but when he does you have no warning and he hits hard.

On if the children enjoy doing photoshoots:

K:I don’t think Harvey knows he’s having his picture taken. He just seesflashes which he likes. Junior likes seeing himself and all of us inthe magazine. I think it will be weird for him to realize that hisfriends
aren’t all in magazines or on the telly!

On what André qualities the children have:

P: I’mtaking full responsibility for this — I’m really glad that they allsay please and thank you. I’m really strict with them on manners.People used to say that Harvey wouldn’t say those things because of hiscondition, but now he does. Junior has everything from me — all mymannerisms, my facial expressions, and the way I walk. Everything I dohe copies. Princess has nothing yet, but she will, don’t you worry!

K: Junior is a show off like Pete, Harvey doesn’tlike getting up in the morning which is the same as him but Princesshasn’t got any of his traits yet.

On what Price qualities the children have:

K: Idon’t think any of them take after me — well Princess I supposebecause she’s stubborn and knows what she wants. Actually Harvey andJunior like the same music as me.

P: Bister definitely has all the Price qualities –she’ll cuddle you on her terms, don’t give her a kiss because shedoesn’t want it. Katie gets more affection out of her than me. Juniorhasn’t taken anything from Kate =- I think he’s taken 200 percent fromme. Harvey responds really well to Katie — she’s the only one who cancalm him. He’s learned to be calm through her.

Source: OK! Magazine, Issue: 620, April 29th 2008

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