Kathy Kaehler gives tips on getting children to exercise more

Kathy Kaehler is normal busy mom to three sons — 11-year-old twins and a seven year old — but one thing that makes her a little different is that she is a also a celebrity trainer, spokesperson and author.

The former Today show fitness correspondent recently sat down with the girls at Pinks and Blues to discuss her plans for the upcoming year, how to get children to exercise more and postpartum weight loss.

Continue reading for excerpts from her interview and afterwards share your ideas on how you get your children to exercise.

Happy New Year! What new projects do you have on the horizon for 2008?

I’m starting the year off with an article on hanes.com/kids that gives moms some easy and fun tips on how to get their kids off the couch and onto their feet in 2008! It’s all about creating a healthy lifestyle that‘s approachable and realistic for our kids to follow and will last throughout the whole year. In addition, I have some new projects on my website. I am selling my workout videos and am still teaching classes everyday and training celeb moms like Julia Roberts, Lisa Marie Presley and Kim Basinger.

Many of our readers are expectant moms or new moms. What do you recommend for exercise during pregnancy? And, of course, afterward to tone up those pile-on-the pounds places, such as abs, hips and things?

The best program is the one that I did with Cindy Crawford. It is a video called ‘A New Dimension.’ I compiled a variety of programs to do as you reach certain weeks in your pregnancy. The best exercise to do while you’re pregnant is swimming. I felt amazing in the water and my joints never bothered me.

And for new moms, my advice is to always start off slowly. Don’t think your body will bounce back within days. It took you 9 months to create this beautiful life so now your body needs time to come back. New moms need to follow programs that make them work towards mini goals, such as walking 3 miles a week or increasing the number of free weight repetitions. Once these goals have been achieved, mom gets a boost of confidence and is able to stay positive when working towards the next set of goals. Do not put too much pressure on yourself or your body!

We see that you’re very interested in getting kids to get off the couch and get moving, which is so great and so important for creating a life-long interest in exercise. What is your advice to get a reluctant child up and moving?

Make it fun and challenging. Kids love to be able to count how many jumps or kicks they can do or how fast did they can do them. Create races or challenges in and around your house. Your kids will surprise you at how competitive they really are. The fun factor is also key – kids don’t mind fitness as long as it is fun. In addition, fitness isn’t always what we think of in the traditional sense. It can be bowling, putt putt golf, tag, frisbee, trampoline-activities like these get different parts of your kids’ bodies moving and their heart rates up, and most of the time they don’t realize it! Finally, make sure your kids are comfortable, not only with the activity, but also while doing it!

Do you have any particular fitness programs that you recommend for kids?

I have a new program called the ‘Schoolhouse Workout’ that is about to launch on my site for free. Each month, a new workout video will be released online as part of the program. The routines are for kids of all ages and can be done both at home and at school. Most of the routines are like mini fitness breaks that involve 5-10 exercises, all designed to improve strength, coordination and energy. One that I love is doing five jumping jacks and running in place for 10 seconds.

It’s easy and quick and I’ve found that these routines are particularly successful with kids when they’re done in a relaxed environment (no whistles!), and with their friends, classmates or siblings. For most kids, doing exercises with a group is more fun and motivational. Keeping them short and quick also holds their attention and trust me, 2 or 3 fitness breaks throughout the day really add up in the end! I am also really excited about some of the people that I am working with — each month there is a new, surprise host.

Source: Pinks and Blues

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