Kathie Lee Gifford Shares Photo of Sweet 'Autumn Day' Cuddling with 4-Month-Old Grandson Frankie

Kathie Lee Gifford became a grandma in May when son Cody, 30, and his wife Erika Brown welcomed son Frank Michael

Kathie Lee Gifford Shares Photo of Sweet 'Autumn Day' Cuddling with Grandson Frankie
Photo: Kathie Lee Gifford/Instagram

Kathie Lee Gifford is loving life as a grandma.

The former daytime host, 69, posted a cozy photo on Instagram Thursday where she's sitting in an armchair in a robe with her dog on her lap and grandson Frank Michael sleeping against her chest.

"What a lovely way to spend an autumn day! Sending all of you blessings and love," she captioned the sweet photo.

The 4-month-old is the first baby born to Kathie Lee's son Cody, 30, and his wife Erika Brown. The baby boy, who was born in May, is named after the late Frank Gifford, Kathie Lee's husband and Cody and sister Cassidy Gifford's father.

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Earlier this week, daughter-in-law Erika shared a video of the dedicated "Bubbe" singing to her grandson as he lies on the floor under an activity center toy. As Kathie Lee plays with him, the infant laughs.

"One week ago with 👵 ✨," she captioned the cute video. "His little chuckle has our hearts 💛 Greatest sound in thee world 🫠"

Speaking with PEOPLE in late August, Kathie Lee said that being a grandmother is "just beautiful."

"Everybody says it is. I FaceTime with him every day and he's just a wonderment," she shared. "He's extraordinary. And everybody thinks their own grandchild is the best in the world, so I won't say anything other than they're right, their grandchild is."

Last December, Kathie Lee told PEOPLE how she found out she was becoming a grandma.

"I had just arrived home to begin my book tour on the Today Show the next morning," she recalled, adding that she was seated at the table with Cody and Erika, as well as longtime friend Christine Gardner.

"Cody and Erika handed both of us something that was wrapped and asked that we please open at the same time. It was a two-sided frame and mine read, 'Can't wait to meet you Grandma' on one side and on the other was a photo of Cody and Erika holding their ultrasound," she continued.

"It took a moment to crystalize to me that this was their baby which meant that it was my baby too and I freaked and ran to hug Erika and so did Christine. To which Cody said, 'What about me?' "

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