Kate Winslet has spoken out about motherhood in her recent visit to the Toronto Film Festival. Kate has two children; Mia Threapleton, 6 and Joe Mendes, 2. Kate said that even though she would only be away from them for 3 days, she still finds it strange.

Kate and her husband,Sam Mendes, who is Joe’s father, "take it in turns to work, we’re not in a situation where he is on one part of the world and I am on the other with the kids."

She also added that balancing her career and motherhood has been her biggest achievement to date; "It is a lot to pull off, keep everybody settled and do my job as well as I can, but most importantly being the best parent that I can…We go everywhere together with the kids and I am very rarely away from them."

Kate also noted that she is planning to take a year off "just to see the children and I am going to do that more and more now, so I do have very big gaps in my working schedule, where I switch off and I am just a parent."

Source: Yahoo Photo source: PEOPLE, with permission.

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