Kate Winslet on motherhood and parenting

Actress Kate Winslet, 31, recently did an interview with InStyle magazine and spoke about her children and motherhood. Winslet has daughter Mia, 6, with ex-husband James Threapleton, 32, and son Joe, almost 3, with husband Sam Mendes, 41.

On having more kids –

I’m hoping to have more kids. I don’t whether one or two. Oh, God, I would love to have more.

About being a mother –

Mia said to me the other day in the car, ‘Mum, I really love your cooking. To me it was a sort of incredibly triumphant moment, the fact that she observed that I do cook their meals. It’s great when the mum can be the person who represents all of those nurturing things for her kids. My mum was certainly that for me.

Source: People.com

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