By peoplestaff225
Updated July 22, 2005 12:08 PM

In the newest issue of Cosmopolitan, Kate Hudson discusses many issues, including motherhood. Highlights include

Kate says the craziest thing she’s done when she’s liked a guy is married him and had his baby (Chris Robinson and son Ryder Russell).

-The first things she does in the morning are kiss her husband and Ryder, and make coffee.

-On pregnancy: "You are so horny. It’s unbelievable…I had one exhausted husband. I loved being pregnant. It was my favorite time of my life."

-On losing the pregnancy weight after gaining 60-70 pounds: "I worked really hard…It was actually pretty amazing, considering I was so huge…it was like shedding an entire 10 year old boy!"

-On ‘mommy time’- "I have a girlfriend [in NYC] who is Ryder’s best friend. Friday night is always mommy night out for the two of us."

For the rest of the article, pick up the August issue of Cosmo.