Kate Hudson wants more kids

Actress Kate Hudson says another baby is in her future. She and her husband, musician Chris Robinson, have a two-year old son named Ryder, and Kate says she would love to have a big family. "I really want to plan on a new one. Right now, I can’t because I have a couple of things I have to do. Well, there’s no such thing as can’t. You never know." If readers remember back a few years, Ryder himself was a surprise pregnancy for the pair.

Of course, Kate is a celebrity baby in her own right– her mother is Oscar-winning actress Goldie Hawn and Kate considers Goldie’s longtime partner, actor Kurt Russell, her dad. Kate shared some advice Kurt gave her about cherishing the time she spends with Ryder: "My dad said to me at my brother Oliver’s wedding, ‘Enjoy every second because your kid was two and a half years old the day before yesterday.’ I feel like Ryder was just an infant a day before yesterday. Now he wakes up and he tells me everything he needs, wants, and desires. I’m looking at this little creature going, Is there anything more fun?"

Kate says she is "actively" looking for the right project to do with "my pa," adding that Kurt is a great role model for her. "Growing up watching him, I’ve learned a lot—especially how he treats people, how professional he is, how honest and how dedicated to his work. I really want to make him proud of me." Kate also wants to work with her mom one day, and they are currently looking for a long-term venture to undertake together.

As for her noted resemblance to her mom, when Kate hears she could be mistaken for Goldie from the back, she laughs, "Are you saying that my mom and I have similar tushies?"

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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