Kate Hudson hip carries 2 1/2 year old Ryder

Actress Kate Hudson was snapped babywearing her son Ryder in a P-sling New York Avant gradation ring sling in le noir ($450) while walking in the West Village in New York City on Tuesday. She has him in a hip carry, which is great for older babies and toddlers, and has the rings towards her back. Although not the usual placement, Dr. Sears and moms at TheBabywearer find the rings in the back a comfy alternative to having them over the front of the shoulder. Kate is a veteran babywearer – she was photographed wearing Ryder in a different linen sling by the same company back in April. Also, the way she has the fabric positioned on her shoulder is not the most comfortable way to wear a sling. For maximum comfort, she would do better to spread the fabric out more over her shoulder.

Kate was on the View on Wednesday morning, and discussed Ryder’s much talked about long hair. She said they will not be cutting it until he is at least three years old, due to the family’s Jewish heritage. Plus, she and Chris are hippies! She said, "Actually it’s really funny, because I just couldn’t cut it. I couldn’t get myself to cut it. "I’m part-Jewish, Hasidic Jews – they don’t cut their kids hair until they’re three. "I’m not very religious, but it’s actually kind of beautiful, they compare the men to a tree and trees don’t bear fruit for three years. "So I just figured maybe on his third I’ll cut it. I’m going to cry my eyes out!"

Sling info: P-Sling New York – their products range from $150-$450.

Photos: Us Weekly and P-Sling New York.

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