Kate Hudson and her talented family

Kate Hudson recently spoke with FOX All Access about her talented family and whether she sees any of that rubbing off on her 2 1/2 year old son Ryder.

“[He’s] the most committed performer I know and he commits on a serious level… He won’t sing, and I asked him the other day to sing with me and he said no and I said well, why won’t you sing with me? He goes because I’ll sing when I’m older. Then I’ll walk away and I’ll listen to the [baby] monitor and he will be singing, trying to find his notes all by himself and – he already wants it to be good.

At 2½ years old he doesn’t want to do it unless it’s good . He’ll put on costumes and he’ll get really upset if I’m not being serious. So if I’m not playing along and I’m not being serious …. So I’m thinking he’s either going to be a method actor or a very bitter musician.”

Source: FOX All Access

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