By peoplestaff225
February 24, 2009 07:00 PM

Splash News Online

As the odds on favorite to win Best Actress at Sunday’s Academy Awards, Kate Winslet could have had dozens of dresses to choose from, but the 33-year-old mom of two says there was no choice to be made. Given the slumping economy, Kate tells Oprah Winfrey that such an indulgence would have been wasteful. “It’s just not nice to have people make lots of dresses and you just wear one out of a possible five,” she explained the day after her big win. “So Yves St. Laurent very kindly said, ‘We’d like to make something for you,’ and that was what we did.”

While fashion insiders may have raved about the asymetric gray and black gown Kate donned, at least one person was unimpressed: Her 8-year-old daughter Mia Honey, whom she called backstage after accepting her award.

Kate’s hinted that while her career is going full steam ahead, we will be seeing less and less of her, so to speak!

Mia is Kate’s daughter with ex-husband Jim Threapleton; She is also mom to 5-year-old Joe Alfie, with husband Sam Mendes.