By peoplestaff225
Updated November 04, 2008 12:00 PM

For all the undeniable benefits of being a celebrity, there are also undeniable drawbacks — like the inability to be viewed as just another mom at school drop-off. So says Kate Winslet, in the cover story for the December issue of Vanity Fair. "You know, these mothers are going to read this article, and they’re all absolutely great, but I know when I walk into that classroom in the morning, even if it’s for a split second, at some point I’m being checked out," the 33-year-old actress explains. "And some of them will even say to me, ‘O.K., what’s the secret with the skin?’"

Speaking of happiness, Kate says that it’s the simple things that bring her the most joy, like "going on the occasional picnic" with her kids Mia Honey, 8, and Joe Alfie, 4 ½, or with husband Sam Mendes. "Big family gatherings, and being able to go to the grocery store — if I can get those things in, I’m doing good."

Mia is Kate’s daughter with ex-husband Jim Threapleton; she has been married to Sam since 2003.

Source: Vanity Fair