"She's finally getting a chance to enjoy her pregnancy," says a Palace insider. "It's a fabulous time"

Her nursery in Apt. 1 A at Kensington Palace won’t be move-in ready until the fall, but the Duchess of Cambridge – due in July – has been plenty busy feathering her nest.

She’s been scouting out decorating supplies, a royal source tells PEOPLE. And after a difficult first trimester, “She’s finally getting a chance to enjoy her pregnancy,” says a Palace insider. “It’s a fabulous time.”

It also couldn’t be a busier one. With plans to work up until the last possible moment, Kate went from greeting the Irish Guards (and politely changing the subject when one asked what she planned to name her baby) to joking around with the Queen to a campfire cookout with the Cub Scouts in the last two weeks alone. The “quite sugary” pastry she indulged in on that day was just the latest sweet snack the princess has enjoyed.

And she’s not the only one with cravings. Handed a chocolate Easter bunny by a family of well-wishers at a charity appearance March 19, Kate promised to “pass that to William … and make sure he doesn’t eat it all himself!”

For more details on Kate’s parenting prep, including the hospital where she plans to deliver and the supportive circle of girlfriends she’s leaning on for advice, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday