By peoplestaff225
Updated September 24, 2008 11:30 AM

As she prepares for the launch of her new perfume ‘Velvet Hour’ supermodel Kate Moss, 34, says it’s unlikely that daughter Lila Grace, 6, will be impressed by the fragrance. Instead, Kate explains, it’s the smell of gasoline that Lila prefers above all else — so much so that when Kate is filling up at the pump, she often leaves the car door open so that Lila can get a sniff! "I’ve heard it is one of the most preferred scents in the world," Kate says. "Maybe that’s something to study for my next fragrance."

In an interview with Company magazine, Kate admits that spending time away from her daughter is difficult, and that she tries to never be away for longer than two nights in a row. "I really miss Lila when I’m away … I love her more than anything in the whole wide world." She also shares that Lila was confused at first by her mom’s career and the role of her nanny, telling Kate "you’re not normal because you go to work."

Lila is Kate’s daughter with ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hack.

Source: Company, October issue