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December 04, 2012 11:30 AM

The much-awaited news may be confirmed, but there’s still plenty to buzz about when it comes to Prince William and wife Kate‘s baby announcement. Namely, well, the name.

With much speculation that the baby’s moniker will honor William’s late mother Diana, Europe’s largest betting company is putting all their cards on the table for a spot in the name game.

According to Paddy Power, the odds that the royal couple will call their firstborn Mary, Victoria or John are 8-1; the popular choices of Diana and Frances stand at 9-1; while Charles, Philip, Anne and George round out the top picks at 10-1.

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Will a little princess be named after her paternal grandmother? Or her paternal great-grandmother, Elizabeth? (Not likely with odds at 16-1). Or will the new parents choose to pay homage to William’s grandfather and decide on Prince Philip?

No matter how the chips fall, don’t expect to hear any crazy Hollywood baby names – the couple will more than likely keep their choice classic.

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