April 21, 2011 03:00 PM

Courtesy InStyle

Kate Hudson was willing to play her cards with boyfriend Matthew Bellamy and for the expectant couple, the odds were in their favor.

“It wasn’t like we didn’t know what we were doing. There were no ovulation kits involved,” the Something Borrowed actress, 32, tells InStyle‘s May issue.

“We were tempting fate and it worked. I didn’t think I was going to have another kid until I was maybe 33 … but we were so in love when it happened, it was just so exciting for both of us.”

Having already experienced pregnancy with son Ryder Russell, now 7, Hudson admits things haven’t gone quite as smoothly the second time around.

“With Ryder I gained so much weight. This pregnancy, I can’t look at butter or cheesy things, and I can’t even think about fried foods,” she says. “For the first three months I was sick as a dog — I felt like I was on a boat!”

One variable that has remained consistent? “I am going to wait to find out [the sex],” Hudson explains when it’s suggested that she may be having a girl. “We just want the baby to be healthy. I didn’t find out with Ryder, either, and I loved that. It’s the last real surprise left on the planet.”

Drawing on her prior experience — in both marriage to ex-husband Chris Robinson as well as motherhood — left Hudson with plenty of tips to help her tackle life as a mother-of-two.

“I’ve learned a lot about family and relationships and doing the best you can to keep your children happy even when things don’t work out, like in divorce,” she explains. “My priority — and Chris’s — has always been Ryder’s happiness, and whatever we’re doing, it’s working.”

— Anya Leon

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