Kate Hudson on parenthood, being a working mom, and having a happy divorce

Fool’s Gold star Kate Hudson has learned a few things about parenthood in her four years as a mom. The 28-year-old actress has a son, Ryder Russell, with ex-husband Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, and shares a bit of her insight.

Parenthood is a constant learning curve. The obviousthings change, like you don’t get to sleep anymore. I don’t think I’veslept in four years, really.

Theparents can plan all they want, but once a child is born, the child setshis or her own course. You could literally give birth to a conservativeRepublican who is a brainiac [in] math and you could go "I don’t know where he camefrom."

As an example, Kate shares that Ryder hates to sing, despite his rockin’ background. One thing he does enjoy — which Kate said is turning into an obsession — is Star Wars.

[I took him to FAO Schwarz and he] went out of his mind. He’sall about his lightsabers. He got Yoda’s lightsaber and the doubleDarth Maul one — pretty cool.

Filming Fool’s Gold on the Gold Coast of Queensland, AUS was a tough experience for Kate. Although Ryder was with Kate for the majority of the shoot, Chris eventually flew to Australia to take him back to the States for the remainder of the time. Kate remembers the difficulties, and compares it to her childhood memories of her mother Goldie Hawn‘s career.

Toward the end, the most difficult part was putting Ryder on that longflight back to Los Angeles. You zone out for those 14 hours, tellingyourself he’s fine. It’s a lesson in letting things go. He was with hisdaddy and happy. But that transition for mothers is really hard.

My mom wasway more independent than I was. My mom traveled a lotand worked a lot, and she was way busier. And she wouldn’t take us.When she was doing ‘Private Benjamin,’ I remember she went away for three weeks and came back, and then went away for two weeks and came back.

Although she’s had brief flings with actors Dax Shepard and Owen Wilson, Kate says that she’s since decided that it’s a lot of work with no return. Besides, she still has her ex-husband — something she’s eternally grateful for.

I do find it tough to date. It’s just different now.I’d rather be home with my son cooking dinner than going out with aguy. My son is my man. I have no desire. If I go out, it’s like once a month, and Iend up in a tabloid with somebody lying about me. It’s not fun, andit’s not worth it.

I do want to meet someone who really understands my priorities,which are my child. Maybe I’ll meet someone with children. That’s whathappened to my mom and dad.

[Chris] is still around so much that I don’t feel like I’m single. That’s actually been surprisingly wonderful, something we bothwanted. And we both still love each other. I can’t believe I got solucky.

Source: Boston Herald; Chicago Sun Times; USA Today

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