Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey talk babies

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days co-stars Matthew McConaughey, 38, and Kate Hudson, 28, are together on-screen once again in Fool’s Gold — however, the press tour this time around is much different than the last!

While promoting the last movie in 2003, Kate was soon to discover that she was pregnant. This time around, it’s Matthew and girlfriend Camila Alves who are expecting, and Kate is now mom to 4-year old son Ryder Russell. They sat down to talk babies with ET‘s Thea Andrews — who, coincidentally, is also expecting — a baby boy at the end of March.

Kate begins by inferring that one of the reasons she’s happy about Matthew becoming a father is that he’ll finally understand when she shares those mundane moments that are only exciting when you’re actually a parent yourself.

I always have that joke where it’s like you can only really understand as a parent when the other parent goes, ‘Oh my God, he said ‘pancake.” And the other person goes, ‘He did, he did?’ Only parents are so excited about the weirdest things. Most people who aren’t parents are like, ‘…Okay, he said pancake…’

About the upcoming arrival, Matthew cleared up the rumors that have been floating around as people guess at Camila’s belly size.

We’re about 5 months away. Late June/early July arrival…a summer baby.

Kate and Matthew each discussed a decision they both made while expecting — the choice to keep the sex of the baby a delivery surprise. Matthew shared,

We’re not going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. And that’s tough. I didn’t want to — it was my idea. We’re going to try and hold out.

The only trouble is when you’re in there with the doctor, and you’re doing the ultrasound, and he knows! So then he goes, ‘Oh, you look here, his vertebrae is very healthy,’ and you go, ‘Why’d you say he?’ You’re looking for every little…’Why’d you say he? Why’d you say she?’ But I don’t know yet. We’re not going to find out.  We want to keep the suspense as high as possible!

Kate agrees, sharing for the first time that she and ex-husband Chris Robinson didn’t find out what Ryder was pre-delivery either.

I had the panic thing, which was every time I walked in…it almost made my doctor really annoyed. Every time I walked in, I’d be like, ‘Remember I don’t want to know what it is. I don’t want to know. So I don’t want to know what it is.’

When asked if he’s prepared for parenthood, Matthew answers, ‘Yeah,’ but then clarifies his statement.

One thing I’ve heard that’s consistent is that whatever plans you make, throw them out the window [Kate laughs] because it’s not a science. But I’ve got the instincts for it, and I know Camila does, and I’m looking forward to the big adventure.

Thea ends the interview on a depressing note, asking Kate about her Four Feathers co-star, Heath Ledger. Tearing up and at a loss for words, Kate answers,

He’s a friend of mine. It’s just a horrible, tragic thing. I just think about their family, and his daughter…I just send my love and respect to them.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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