September 02, 2010 01:00 PM

Jacques Brinon/AP

She’s dipped her feet in the dating pool while he’s moved on to remarriage, but Kate Hudson insists she will forever be connected to her ex-husband Chris Robinson through their 6½-year-old son Ryder Russell.

“I still feel close to him. When you’re divorced and raising a child together, the communication has to stay alive,” the actress, 31, reveals in the October issue of Elle UK.

“It’s hard sometimes. If you have kids with someone, make sure you really, really like the father because, for your child’s sake, you have to be on the same page forever.”

Fortunately, the former couple have placed Ryder’s needs first and foremost — and, according to Hudson, their dedication to their son shows.

“Chris has moved on, he’s remarried and had a baby and when you both have new people in your life, you have to really stay on it,” she explains. “I think Chris and I both have that priority checked.”

When she’s not soaking up time with Ryder, Hudson hits the gym — hard! “I am, by nature, active and I have to work out,” she says, adding she has worked with the same trainer for 15 years.. “I usually do two hours each day when I’m home. I dance, I like to spin.”

However, despite being “pretty disciplined” when it comes to staying in shape, at the end of the day, not even the critical eye of the media can take her focus off her family.

“Do I mind having my appearance constantly scrutinized? I don’t have enough time on this planet to worry about things like that,” Hudson admits. “I’m more concerned with if I’m raising my son properly, with what makes my family happy, with what makes me happy.”

— Anya Leon

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