Kate Beckinsale says she doesn't want to embarrass Lily

In her new film Snow Angels, Kate Beckinsale found herself treading in uncomfortable waters during scenes in which she had to yell at young actress Grace Hudson, who plays Kate’s on-screen daughter. A mother herself to 9-year-old Lily Mo, Kate described the experience as "awful."

[Grace] was so young; I was never sure whether she really knew what was happening. I was tortured. I was in tears, too, at the end of it. [Grace’s] mother was perfectly unruffled and fine, but I kept thinking, my gosh, I would never put my daughter in a movie like this.

Another area where Kate says she hopes Lily’s life won’t be impacted by her own career is the embarrassment she fears her daughter would suffer were Kate to do a nude scene. She recalled her own mom, British actress Judy Loe, doing a nude scene while she was just a child and the taunting that ensued at school. Says Kate,

I’m not in a big rush to do that to my child. She’s embarrassed enough that I’m an actress at all, without me being naked as well.

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The 34-year-old actress also dismissed the notion that she’s clamoring to play Wonder Woman, if a movie is ever made about the character. The persistent rumors began innocently enough, Kate says, with a Halloween costume. She explains,

I never said that. I once went out trick-or-treating with my daughter dressed as Wonder Woman and that’s how that all started. Not right now. Like I said, I’ve embarrassed my daughter plenty. I might make do with the Underoos for now.

Lily is Kate’s daughter with ex-boyfriend Michael Sheen; Kate is now married to director Len Wiseman.

Source: MovieFone

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