Kansas City Mom Welcomes Third Set of Twins in Under Three Years: 'I Feel Like Superwoman'

Danesha Couch welcomed daughters Darla and Dalanie on June 17 – her third set of twins


You could say twins run in Danesha Couch’s family: the Kansas City mom has just welcomed her third set.

Couch, 20, and fiancé Jeffrey Presler, 25, welcomed daughters Darla and Dalanie on June 17 – her third set of naturally-conceived fraternal twins since 2014.

“I feel blessed because some women I’ve met in my lifetime can’t even have kids. I feel really lucky that I can,” Couch told NBC’s Today. “I feel like a superwoman.”

First came Desmond and Danarius on April 13, 2014 – born at only 26 weeks through C-section. Tragically, Desmond died just five minutes after birth when Couch suffered a placental abruption, she told Today. Danarius, born weighing only 2 pounds, 1 ounce, is now a happy and healthy toddler.

Of the loss, she told ABC News, “I tend to cry about it one minute, and then I am happy again. I do hope one day [Danarius] doesn’t tell me he feels empty and alone (without his brother).”

The 2-year-old certainly won’t be lonely at home, though. On May 29, 2015, Danarius’ sisters Delilah and Davina were born at 29 weeks, also via C-section. “I was surprised on my second time because me and their dad were discussing it, jokingly,” Couch told ABC. “I said, ‘This is not happening right now. Pinch me.’ [My fiance] pinched me, and it was reality.”

Couch drops more than one egg at a time, making her more likely to carry multiples, according to ABC. In addition, some of Couch’s extended family includes twins.

Dr. Marjorie Greenfield, the obstetrics and gynecology chief at University Hospital’s Case Medical Center in Cleveland, said that fraternal twins are conceived when two eggs are released. She noted, however, that “having that hit three times gets unusual.”

“I felt like a freak of nature,” Couch admitted to Today. “Everyone I told said that sounds impossible.”

Now, with newborns Darla and Dalanie, Couch admitted to Today that things are a little “crazy.” But, she said, “we got this.”

The busy parents regularly have help from their family members, and spend a lot of time changing diapers – 35 a day, to be exact. Her 1-year-olds take formula, but Couch is still breastfeeding the infants.

“I love babies,” Couch told WDAF-TV Kansas City, adding, “My regrets would be timing, but I’m really happy that I can even create babies or have life because some women can’t do that.”

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