Update: Fall Shopping Guide: Kaboost - give your child a leg up (4, actually)

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Anya refuses to sit in her high chair, only occasionally in her stylish and functional Stokke Trip Trapp, and usually wants to sit on my lap or next to me at our built-in breakfast nook during meals. She definitely wants to sit in a chair but she’s too short. When Josh and I went to the ABC Kids Expo, he passed by the Kaboost booth and later told me, you have to get us one of those! So I did and we love it.

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Note: I am contributing to a fall shopping guide sponsored by JC Penney.While I am being paid to write for the shoppingguide, I have complete freedom to review what I wish. Since I just cameback fromthe ABC Kids Expo and learned about lots of great baby and kid stuff, Iam focusing on those lines. I hope you enjoy these reviews.

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