November 01, 2004 08:35 PM

JUNE – 7 boys, 5 girls (Updated January 16)

Wendy Moniz (actress) & Frank Grillo – son Liam (no birthdate announced)
Hermione Norris (actress) & Simon Wheeler – son Wilf (no birthdate announced)
Andrea Evans (actress) & Steve – adopted daughter Kylie Lyn (no birthdate announced)
Douglas Kennedy (author) & Molly Stark – daughter Rowan Francis (no birthdate announced)
Prince Georg of Lippe-Weissenfeld (royalty) & Alexandra Gerlach – son Georg Moritz on the 10th
Eddie Vedder (musician) & Jill – daughter Olivia on the 11th
Courteney Cox (actress) & David Arquette (actor) – daughter Coco Riley on the 12th
Sara Cox (radio DJ) & Jon Carter – daughter Lola Anne on the 13th
Angela Griffin (actress) & Jason Milligan – daughter Tallulah Jae on the 14th
Leah Remini (actress) & Angelo Pagan – daughter Sofia Bella on the 16th
Jason Wiles (actor) & Joanne Wiles – son Wilke Jackson on the 17th
Andy Serkis (actor) & Lorraine Ashbourne – son Louis George on the 19th
Saul "Slash" Hudson (musician) & Perla Ferrar – son Cash Anthony on the 23rd
Roch Voisine (musician) & Myriam St-Jean – son Killian on the 25th
Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (actor) & Sofia Landaluce y Melgarejo – son Pablo on the 28th

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