In a few weeks, Julie Chen will be completely grounded — literally! Due October 4th with her first child — a boy — the host of Big Brother and co-host of The Early Show currently splits her time between Los Angeles and New York, respectively, to fulfill her responsibilities; Soon, however, Julie will unpack her bags on the West Coast until baby boy makes his arrival. “I’m going to have to stop flying, I’m not going to have to stop doing Big Brother, hopefully,” she tells Ryan Seacrest.

Gearing up to settle in Los Angeles, Julie recently joined The Early Show via satellite, and admits that the extra early wake-up call — due to the time zone difference — is nothing to scoff at! “Talk about the early wake-up call!” she laughs. “I’m there by two…I have to get there by two so I can look pretty at four!”

Baby boy will be Julie’s first child with husband Leslie Moonves.

— Anya