Julie Bowen Says She's Only Watched 'Modern Family' Once with Her 3 Sons: They're 'Not Into It'

Julie Bowen opens up to PEOPLE about life with her three sons, twins John and Gus, 13, and Oliver, 15, and her new skincare line for boys JB SKRUB

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Photo: Julie Bowen/Instagram

Julie Bowen is opening up about life at home with her own modern family.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the launch of her new skincare line for boys, JB SKRUB, the actress, 54, also chatted about her three sons and whether they watch reruns of Modern Family with their mom.

"We have one time," she says of watching with her boys, twins John and Gus, 13, and Oliver, 15, who she shares with ex-husband Scott Phillips. "I said to my twins, 'You're in my stomach right there. You're in this episode.' Because I was pregnant with them on the pilot. They thought that was pretty funny and they watched some of it. But in front of me, they will not watch it."

Though her boys are "not into it," Bowen says she's not pushing her kids to watch.

"I heard Julianne Moore say that her kids will never watch anything that she does. I was like, 'Okay, if Julianne Moore, who's a goddess, an Academy Award winner, and her kids won't' watch her, then you know what? I'm going to stop pushing it.' "

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Instead, Bowen says her boys have plenty of other interests. "One of them is super into sports management, one playing sports and one being an A-plus student. I really have run the gamut," she shares.

The Happy Gilmore actress says she and her sons also have activities they love to do together.

"I used to run with them. Now they can run faster than me!" she admits. "The one thing I can keep up with is skiing. It's a great thing to do together, and we'll do a lot of that this winter."

And while her boys are staying busy, she's also making sure they know how to stay clean. The actress co-founded JB SKRUB, a "simple" skincare line for boys, with her sons in mind after realizing tween and teen boys were being left out of the skincare conversation.

"I used to stand outside the shower and yell, 'Pits! Nuts! Butts! In that order!' " she says with a laugh. "Nobody was teaching teen boys to get clean. We developed this for them, but it can be used by anybody. It's simple and meets their needs where they are."

Bowen says her sons are "really impressed" by the line, and have already incorporated the products into their daily routines.

"They'll be about to leave for school, and one of them will go into the bathroom. And I'm like, 'Did you have to pee?' And he's like, 'No, I needed to put on my moisturizer,' " she shares. "I'm like, 'Oh my God! They actually use it.' "

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