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Updated November 11, 2009 06:00 PM

Brotherly love is — for the moment — unheard of in Julie Bowen‘s household.

With the actress having welcomed fraternal twins John and Gus in May, first-born Oliver McLanahan, 2 ½, is having a tough time adjusting to big brotherhood.

“He hates them, but you know what, tough, he’ll get past it,” Julie tells Celebrity Baby Blog at the March of Dimes 4th Annual Celebration of Babies luncheon.

“He’s a boy. Boys don’t like babies. He’s the oldest. He definitely fights for my attention.”

Fortunately, Oliver has much to keep him busy — the toddler has started preschool!

“He’s [in] two days a week,” Julie shares. “He loves it.”

Despite his resistance to John and Gus, Oliver is all about his new teachers!

“Apparently, he’s working his magical charms on the teachers there,” laughs Julie.

In attempts to win back his mother’s attention, Julie jokes that Oliver has even taken to using his charisma on her!

“He tries to get me to stay in bed with him — he strokes my face and tells me I’m beautiful,” she reveals.

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And as Oliver is starting a new phase in his life, the 6-month-old twins are reaching milestones of their own. “They are both rolling over and eating solids,” Julie reports.

Their similarities end there, however! While one baby boy resembles “a white Shrek, he’s really fat,” his twin brother — “tiny and nimble” — is the polar opposite.

Calling her twins “adorable and great,” the Modern Family actress loves nothing more than to spend quality — albeit a bit dirty! — time with her brood of boys. “With the twins there are times just rolling around on the floor with them in their own puke because they throw up sitting up,” she confesses.

Raising three under three is no easy feat and Julie, 40, admits that motherhood has taken its toll. “I’m really tired all the time and I no longer have any illusions that life is about me, whether that’s good or bad,” she muses.

According to the busy mom, even her personal hygiene has been negatively affected by her schedule. “I wash my hair less frequently,” she admits. “Just got to make do!”

Oliver, John, and Gus are Julie’s sons with husband Scott Phillips.

— Anya with reporting by Tiffany Matloob