October 30, 2009 05:00 PM

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Playing a frenzied mom onscreen isn’t much of a stretch for Julie Bowen. A real life mom-of-three (under three!), Julie conducts interviews from her car via cell phone because “this is pretty much the only time I can call,” she tells BND.com.

Her return to the small screen in ABC’s new show Modern Family suits the 39-year-old actress just fine, for she’s an admitted fan of television programming in general, listing Lost (in which she has occasionally costarred), So You Think You Can Dance and Hung among her faves.

“It’s because I have no life,” she explains before adding,

“All I have is kids. There is no event worth paying $100 for babysitters that can’t be beat by watching TiVo.”

All that downtime in front of the tube is well-earned. “The real life parenting thing is tough,” Julie acknowledges…but shooting the pilot for the show while heavily pregnant with twins John and Gus, 5 months, was no picnic either!

“Every shot is me hiding an 8 ½-month belly,” Julie notes. “I was dressed in these massive shawl-like sweaters.”

In addition to the twins, Julie is mom to 2 ½-year-old Oliver McLanahan with husband Scott Phillips.

Source: BND.com

— Missy

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