Julie Bowen on not enjoying pregnancy, choosing Oliver's name, and more


When actress Julie Bowen, 37, delivered her son Oliver McLanahan, now 9 months, last April, it was a relief to be done with the gestation period!

[During the pregnancy, I had] feelings like, ‘This sucks.’ I didn’t like being pregnant in general, but then the baby would kick and squirm around and I was in love. I really liked feeling him move. [But] it ends. Nobody stays pregnant forever. It isn’t a party, but it does end.

One thing that didn’t help her embrace the experience was a comment she received:

[I was told], ‘It’s great to see you looking so ‘full figured.”

The next step for Julie and her husband Scott after the birth of their son was finalizing a name for their new little one — the couple hadn’t found out the sex before the delivery.

Actually, Tolliver is a family name, but it is spelled ‘Taliafero.’ I just couldn’t saddle the poor kid with a name he would have to explain and re-pronounce for his whole life. Oliver seemed like a natural evolution from Tolliver.

The next evolution for the family involves Julie’s jump back into the workforce.

I am shooting a commercial next week, so we’ll have a mini trial run.It will be interesting to see how we both do.

I have a feeling it’ll beharder for me than for Oliver. He just wants the boob and a cleandiaper. I am the one who worries and feels anxious about how he isdoing every minute. It will probably be good for me to realize hedoesn’t need to be fussed over 24 hours a day!

Lastly, Julie discussed her essential mom-to-be and new mom items and books.

The Liz Lange black wrap sweater and the Bella Band ($28). Absolutely crucial.

[For books,] I recommend reading everything and then picking and choosing what seems right for you. If you only read one book, you only get one perspective. Read ‘On Becoming Baby Wise,’ ($10) ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block,’ ($10) and ‘Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child‘ ($15). They are all so radically diverse. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Julie also talked to The Cradleabout working while pregnant, being in the public eye, cravings, baby goodies she was excited to receive, what she couldn’t live without during pregnancy, unexpected feelings about becoming a mom, and Oliver’s nursery. For more of Julie’sinterview, visit The Cradle.

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