Julianne Moore: hands-on mom

Just Jared has pictures of actress Julianne Moore tooling around her New York neighborhood this weekend with her gorgeous family, husband Bart Freundlich, 9-year old Caleb & 4-year old Liv Helen. The next day, the family dog joins Julianne, Liv, and Caleb. When he gets too close to Liv and she takes a spill, Julianne is quick to comfort her daughter with a big hug.

In last week’s Entertainment Weekly magazine, Julianne talks about one thing that puts a smile on Liv’s face: the Nick Jr. cartoon Dora the Explorer! "Dora is a constant obsession for Liv. Dora’s great because she’s smart and she’s sufficient and she’s a kid, you know? She’s a great character for little girls."

Source: Just Jared and Entertainment Weekly

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