By peoplestaff225
November 07, 2008 11:00 AM

Gone are the days of payphone use for most kids who participate in after-school activities; now, many school children have their own cell phone within arm’s reach! That goes for Julianne Moore‘s son, Cal,who is just "starting to do stuff by himself," warranting — after a bit of "begging" — a new cell phone from his mom and dad, director Bart Freundlich.

Although 10 ½-year-old Cal was thrilled with his new gadget, Julianne admits that when it comes to answering the phone — despite only having four numbers programmed — her son could still use a little practice. The 47-year-old actress told Rachael Ray her son is "so nervous" when his phone begins to ring, and shared that her first phone conversation with her son was a bit rocky. She said,

In the Moore-Freundlich household, there’s been much excitement over Cal’s new phone; Julianne reveals that during a recent family dinner, 6 ½-year-old daughter Liv Helen tried out her texting — and spelling — skills by sending messages to her brother.

Source: Rachael Ray