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Updated August 16, 2008 01:00 PM

She’s stated previously that her career as a successful actress is unimportant to her two children Liv Helen, 6, and Cal, 10 ½, and now Julianne Moore says that that’s the way it ought to be. "I want them to be interested in their own lives and their own accomplishments," she tells Parade, "I don’t want them to be interested in mine. Mine are of no consequence to them. I am their mother."

At no time was that unconditional love more apparent than at Cal’s recent fourth grade graduation ceremony. As the principal proclaimed her son a "middle schooler," Cal’s face "was just so joyful" that Julianne was moved to tears. Even recalling the event for a reporter caused the 47-year-old actress to become emotional yet again. "It was just so great to see him continue to become his own person," she says, "the whole process of parenting is to help them take those steps away from you."

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When asked whether there is anything or anyone she would kill for, Julianne immediately answered "my children" — but admitted that it’s difficult to know for sure until confronted with such an awful reality. She shared that, at one time, she was witness to a disturbance in a store where a gun was waved and instead of being strong she "cowered." The experience led her to wonder,

While being a mom to Cal and Liv has changed her life, Julianne says it hasn’t changed who she is. "It’s not like you disappear, and the person that you were — that you are — doesn’t exist anymore when you become a mother," she says, "you are still there."

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