By peoplestaff225
Updated February 23, 2007 10:38 PM

Last evening on Oprah’s Primetime Oscar special, Julia Roberts and George Clooney interviewed each other – quite comically, in fact. They even received a phone call from Brad Pitt! George jumped right into the interview, telling Julia that he "heard she was pregnant" – to which she responds, "I heard that too!" She tells George she’s due in late summer, but, since she did fudge on the twins’ due date to the press last time around, and has an obvious baby belly, we’re going to guess that her due date is closer to June.

Still, sounds like she’s looking forward to a hot and sweaty spring and summer pregnancy, telling George about how "swollen and elephant like" her ankles will be! Ever the gentleman, George offers to deliver the baby when the time comes – since, as we all know, he played a doctor on ER for many years and apparently is quite the accomplished OB!

For those that missed the show, our friend Jared has video of the appearance up at his blog, Just Jared.

Source: Oprah

Did you also retain water (Julia apparently gets cankles!) when you were expecting?