By peoplestaff225
April 12, 2006 09:00 AM

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Julia Roberts opens up about her new role on Broadway and balancing work with being a mom.

After giving birth to twins Phinnaeus and Hazel in November 2004, Julia decided to take a break from acting — until now. She currently stars in the Broadway play "Three Days of Rain" and says that she’s enjoying the best of both worlds.

"It’s heaven truly… we were rehearsing one day, and we had just moved into the theater and it was dark out here, and I was on stage, and all of the sudden, I hear, ‘Mama!’ And Hazel had come in and in the dark just to hear this little voice, and it’s incredibly amazing."

On her family’s recent move from New Mexico to New York City, Julia said that "it’s a family decision, definitely, we sort of had to agree on it as a family, but I’m lucky… my kids are here, and you know, they have a little playroom upstairs."

Julia and her husband, cameraman Danny Moder, have been married since July 2002. "Three Days of Rain" is scheduled to run through June 18th. Her future projects include playing the voice of Charlotte in the film version of Charlotte’s Web.

Source: Access Hollywood