Julia Roberts on motherhood

In her new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Julia Roberts spoke about her every-day, unglamorous life with husband Danny Moder and their 20-month old twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter. Being an Oscar-winning movie star doesn’t keep her from cherishing her new role, motherhood, even when it comes to glamorous details, like diapers. "I can catch poop in my hand and just be like, okay…" she laughs. "This is why you work for twenty years and then have kids. The reason I did all that really, I kind of say now, is so that I can stay home."

As for differences between the twins, Phinn is a "great sleeper," while Hazel is more rambunctious– "my girl, she has her moments." Julia seems to be more in love with her husband than ever: "He’s a good everything."

Julia’s next movie, The Ant Bully, opens on July 28, and the animated flick is one of the first Julia filmed after her kids were born. "I would work for two hours and go home and nurse and come back and work. It was crazy [but] that’s what you do!" Her role gave her a bit more appreciation for ants, though she admits, "I did flick an ant the other day that was about to crawl onto one of my kids, but I thought that was maternal instinct, not hatefulness."

Source: ET Online

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