From Pretty Woman to one lucky woman, actress Julia Roberts has her blessings boiled down to her four main loves in life: her husband Danny Moder and their children, twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus ‘Finn’ Walter, 4, and Henry Daniel, 21 months. Clearly elated with her responsibilities as a wife and mom, Julia laughs that staying at home with her brood has been a learning experience in of itself! “I do know that if you cut the crusts off first, you just save that extra peanut butter and jelly,” she tells Entertainment Tonight. “It seems wasteful to me, but I put it in the bird feeder and then I feel better.”

Following a hiatus from the spotlight to spend time raising her children, the resourceful mom has returned to the big screen in only a few projects — Charlie Wilson’s War, Fireflies in the Garden, and her new movie Duplicity. While Julia was spending her days on set, she makes it clear that the experience was a true family affair — a benefit, she says, of being an actress. “To say that I left them behind would be a little bit of a stretch because that’s one of the luxuries and beauties of making a movie…you kind of just bring everybody with you,” she explains. “So we were all still pretty much a pack.”

With a trailer where the kids could relax — “Henry was with me all day, every day at work and then Finn and Hazel would come when they would get out of school” — the arrangements provided the perfect solution for Julia, who was still breastfeeding Henry. In fact, Julia, who shows off her added assets in the film, embraced her fullness as a reminder of those special days. “It was what it was,” she laughs.

As the 41-year-old leads a quiet life with Danny and their children, she admits that the twins have yet to understand their mother’s place in the world of celebrities. While Hazel and Finn have not broached the subject — and for now, Julia hopes to keep it that way — the actress couldn’t help but smile when her inquisitive daughter asked her who exactly is Julia Roberts. “[Hazel] asked me the other day, ‘What is Roberts?’ She heard someone say Julia Roberts and she said, ‘What is Roberts?'”

Of motherhood, Julia shares that she has learned to “recognize joy and to appreciate it and have that sense of contentment and fulfillment.” The best thing about the full-time job? Her husband Danny. “[The best thing about motherhood is] that Danny’s their dad,” she says. “He’s super fun, energetic, dad. Just crazy, jumping on the trampoline and stuff.” With that, Julia says that her family is complete and looks forward to spending her future nurturing her three children.

Duplicity is in theaters March 20th.