Sitting down for countless interviews as she makes her way through the promotional tour for her movie Duplicity, Julia Roberts has heard the whispers that refer to her new role as her sexiest yet. The 41-year-old actress, however, brushes off the compliments and jokes that the praise is all based on her temporary assets — a result of breastfeeding her son, Henry Daniel, now 21 months. “That’s just because my boobs are so big in it,” she laughs.

That said, Julia is full of pride when it comes to the work — both onscreen and off — she put into the film. With her three kids on hand, she explains that her success in balancing her loves of life has given her much to be proud of. “To make a movie as a mother of three children under 3? That’s an accomplishment I’m proud of,” she reveals to Entertainment Weekly. Fortunately for the busy mama, twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus ‘Finn’ Walter, 4, along with their little brother Henry, had no problems adapting to their environment!

Opening up about her good-looking brood, a proud Julia gushes that her son Finn is a true “dreamboat.” Taking after his father Danny Moder — “green eyes and red hair” — Julia shares that her little boy has the “exact color hair” her husband sported as a child. As for Hazel and Henry, they are two of a kind! “[They] both have platinum hair and blue eyes,” she says.

Duplicity is in theaters Friday.