Joss Stone Expecting Second Baby After Suffering Miscarriage: 'There Are Rainbows After Storms'

Joss Stone and partner Cody DaLuz are already parents to 15-month-old daughter Violet

Joss Stone Expecting Baby No. 2
Photo: Joss Stone/Instagram

Joss Stone is going to be a mom of two!

The "Walk with Me" singer, 35, announced on social media that she and boyfriend Cody DaLuz are expecting their second child together.

In an emotional Instagram video, the musician — who is already mom to daughter Violet — revealed that her exciting news comes after suffering a miscarriage in October 2021.

"I have a bit of an announcement to make which is kind of mixed. It's beautiful and not at the same time," she began. "Last year, in October, I lost a baby," she continued, getting teary-eyed. "It was really horrible because it was my baby, and I know that a lot of women go through that. It was just hard."

"I went to the doctor and said, 'Why has this happened?' and he said, 'We don't know why, Joss. These things just happen, just by the luck of the gods. It's not your fault.' I kept pressing him for an answer why, and he didn't know."

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Stone said she's being open about the experience because "we shouldn't feel alone, it happens to a lot of women."

"It's a horrible, horrible thing. And it's not something you can get over. It's something that you have to live with," she added.

Stone said that her doctor told her to return to his office when "daffodils bloom." She then shared a video of a positive pregnancy test in front of the bloomed flowers.

"That's the beautiful part of the story, there are rainbows after storms," she said before holding up an ultrasound photo.

Joss Stone
Joss Stone, Cody DaLuz and their daughter. facebook

The singer is already mom to daughter Violet, whom she welcomed in January 2021.

At the time, she announced her baby girl's arrival on Facebook Live, putting a spin on her "Cooking with Joss" videos.

"I have a very special little bun that I've been making," she said as DaLuz brought Violet into the frame, smiling from ear to ear. "Took about nine months. It's cooked!"

"Isn't she sweet?" Stone cooed.

​​In December 2020, Stone revealed on People (the TV Show!) that she had some concerns about giving birth.

"I was having these moments. ... I remember I woke up one night, and I sat on the edge of the bed, and I said to Cody, 'Oh no,' and I burst into tears," she recalled.

"I said, 'I've got to get it out. At some point it has to come out. Now it's in. My God, Jesus. What if I split in half?' You don't read about that."

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