"I made this Twigtale book for my daughter Indi to help with separation anxiety," Maran tells PEOPLE.

Whether you’re headed to work, going on a trip or just running to the store, separating from your toddler can sometimes be a heartbreaking challenge.

Trust us: We’ve been there.

Recently, that hard lesson hit close to home for model mama Josie Maran.

After the mother of 2-year-old Indi Joon and 8-year-old Rumi Joon realized she was having a tough time easing her youngest daughter’s worries, Maran enlisted the help of Twigtale, a personalized picture book that helps children understand sensitive situations at an age-appropriate level.

“I made this Twigtale book for my daughter, Indi, to help with separation anxiety,” Maran tells PEOPLE. “I travel so much for work and I wanted her to be assured that when Mommy leaves, it is never for long.”

Josie Maran Twigtale

Courtesy Twigtale

Fortunately the story — which is written by developmental experts and customized with family pictures — was a success.

“Indi loved seeing photos of herself, and the engagement helped the message stick,” Maran explains.

But spending time away from a parent isn’t the only topic Twigtale covers with their engaging picture books.

Parents can also put together stories focusing on everything from a new sibling and moving to visiting the doctor and battling cancer.

“I think Twigtale is on to something — offering personalized books around all these common childhood issues!” says Maran.

— Anya Leon