By peoplestaff225
May 05, 2009 04:00 PM

At the Motherhood Begins Now Lifestyle Event to kick off Pregnancy Awareness Month, Josie Maran dished on her plans to make Rumi Joon, 3 next month, a big sister.

“Some day I’ll have more,” the 30-year-old model revealed, before clarifying that although her next child will likely be adopted, it likely won’t be anytime soon! “I’m not rushing,” she said.

It’s important to Josie — who in 2007 launched her own natural cosmetics product line — that expectant moms understand that staying healthy involves more than taking their prenatal vitamins!

“[Women] that are pregnant should really be wearing non-toxic anything…so hopefully they will be wearing healthy cosmetics. I just would love to get the word out to all these ladies that they have alternatives now. They’re green and still work.”

Josie’s brand is doing so well, an expansion is in the works. Having already introduced haircare and baby apparel items, she says that she hopes to branch out into the furniture and cleaning supply markets.

As she chatted, Rumi was nearby dressed as Cinderella. “We got [the costume] about a month ago and she hasn’t taken it off,” Josie said with a laugh. “We’re like, ‘We have to wash it!'”

Next up for the tiny tot? Preschool, and Josie has her eye on one in particular. “I’m really into the Waldorf Schools,” she explains. “[They’re] very artistic.”

Rumi is Josie’s daughter with partner Ali Alborzi.

— Missy with reporting by Michelle Ward