The first grandchild for the large family is due in October (hint: it's not a J name!)

By Alicia Dennis
Updated July 31, 2009 08:00 AM

Joshua and Anna Duggar say they’re ready to premiere the name of the newest Duggar, expected to arrive Oct. 20, 2009: Mackynzie Renée.

“We are really excited about all of it,” Josh tells PEOPLE about prepping for the birth of the newest Duggar. “We’re going to have a little person that is ours to raise up. That is a real blessing.”

Josh is the eldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 18 children, whose names all begin with the letter J. The family lives in Tontitown, Ark., and is featured on TLC’s 18 Kids and Counting.

So, with the announcement of the new baby’s name, does this mean all of Josh and Anna’s kids’ names will start with M?

“We won’t decide that now,” Josh says. “We’ll take one at a time.”

Meanwhile, Anna is getting the baby’s brown and lime green room prepared – “maybe we’ll add a little pink,” she says, now they’ve found out the baby’s gender – and reading parenting books.

“My favorite part of pregnancy is feeling the baby move and kick,” she says. “And, it is so neat watching Josh enjoy the pregnancy and bond with Mackynzie. It has brought our relationship closer together.”

The family is set to be featured on Fox News Channel’s Huckabee show, talking with the former governor about Mackynzie and how the Duggar’s reality show and family experience is different than the Jon & Kate Plus 8 situation.

“I am really enjoying the reality show,” says Anna, who is the newest member of the cast. “It has been neat because they are doing such a great job of documenting our lives right now. We focus on pleasing the Lord, and trying to be who we really are. That’s what’s important.”