Country singer Josh Turner, 28, and his wife, Jennifer, are expecting their first child, a son, in October. The father-to-be recently revealed to X Radio how he informed his and Jennifer’s parents about the baby.
"We wanted to tell our parents in person, and my daddy’s a big college basketball fan–he’s a Duke fan. We found out that Duke was playing Georgia Tech in an upcoming weekend after we had found out. So I asked him about going to see the ballgame down in Atlanta. Believe or not, we got both of them to go to the ballgame. My daddy’s usually the first one to figure out a surprise before you can tell him, so that was a fear of mine. But we got ‘em down there and before the game, we broke the news to them. They were just elated. And unfortunately we had to tell Jennifer’s parents over the phone. They were out in Colorado for a good long while, but they were excited as well. That’s actually going to be their second grandbaby."

Source: GAC TV

How did you inform your parents or family that you were expecting?