"I've watched my other three grow out of that baby phase so fast, so I'm holding on to this," Turner tells PEOPLE.

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Updated December 02, 2020 11:14 AM

Is Josh Turner suffering from a little working dad guilt?

Since the birth of his fourth son, Samuel Hawke (just Hawke to the family), in September, the singer has admittedly been a bit of an absentee father.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been gone so much after having a child being born,” he tells PEOPLE while introducing his newborn son alongside wife Jennifer and the rest of their brood of boys.

“We’ve been on the road promoting the new single, ‘Lay Low,’ and Jennifer has been by herself with all four, so I’ve been praying for her a lot!” he jokes.

Josh Turner Introduces Son Samuel Hawke

Though Turner, 37, does make sure to make up for it as much as he can. “Jennifer isn’t the type to hand a child off to me the minute I get back, but I am very hands on when I get home,” he says. “I realize she does need a break and I pitch in and help as much as I can.”

And luckily, he’s not the only one pitching in. “Our oldest, Hampton, he’s 8 years old now, and I call him ‘Little Daddy’ because he has just been such a big help,” says Turner, who is also dad to Colby, 5, and Marion, 3.

“He goes and changes Hawke’s diaper and if he starts crying, Hampton will go pick him up and try to console him. It’s pretty cute!”

Clearly, ‘Little Daddy’ has had quite the role model. In fact, when Turner looks back at his own fatherhood skills over the years, he has one way in particular to measure just how far he’s come: his car seat-installation time.

“When we were still at the hospital right after we had Hampton, I remember I went out the day we were supposed to go home to go put the car seat into the car,” recalls Turner. “And this particular car seat was so complicated and difficult. I spent such a long time putting this car seat in the car. I just remember I was about to shoot myself because this thing took a mechanical engineer to put it in!”

And now? “Oh, I’ve gotten a lot better since then,” he shares. “Now I’m fast as a Nascar pit crew!”

Turner adds that despite the chaos of juggling four kids and a busy music career, he’s making sure to remember to soak it all in.

“Having an infant, they literally change overnight. People who don’t have children don’t understand that,” he says. “They grow so fast. So every moment that I’m with him, I’m just cherishing each and every second. I’ve watched my other three grow out of that baby phase so fast, so I’m holding on to this.”

Josh Turner Introduces Son Samuel Hawke

— Danielle Anderson