September 22, 2015 07:00 PM

Baby got back-talk!

Josh Lucas says he’s been trying to nip one of son Noah‘s bad habits in the bud — and it appears to be working.

“The cutest thing he’s done [recently] really was: We were trying to get him to stop doing ‘butt talk’ — anything about his butt, which he does all the time,” the actor told PEOPLE of his 3-year-old last Thursday at the Samsung Hope for Children gala, which he hosted.

“The other day, someone was taking two bowls with horns, and they were putting them together and saying they were ‘butting heads,’ ” the actor says, laughing. “[Noah] leaned forward, and he said: ‘No, no, no — we don’t do butt talk!’ It was pretty great.”

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While they finalized their divorce last year, Lucas, 44, and ex Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, 30, have kept their split super amicable. (Last month, a source told PEOPLE they’re even living together again to co-parent their son while Lucas shoots The Mysteries of Laura and Henriquez pursues her master’s degree at Columbia.)

In addition to hosting the Samsung gala, Lucas is involved with Only Make Believe — a theatrical nonprofit that performs for kids in hospital care — which was the tech company has donated generously to.

“With my kid, it makes me just feel the sense of being blessed and this great sense of generosity that goes along with being blessed,” he says, adding he hopes to get Noah involved in his Only Make Believe charity work “as soon as I can.”

“I want my son to be there for that pretty soon so he starts to see that experience. The reality is, compassion is really cyclical, so you’re giving, but what you’re getting back is oftentimes so much more,” says Lucas. “That’s the energy that I want him to feel.”

— Jeff Nelson

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